Experience ~ Blanket Bay Spa and Wellness

Relax and unwind in the Blanket Bay Spa and Wellness

Immerse yourself in holistic, natural healing therapies and wellness experiences within the tranquil surroundings of the Blanket Bay Spa. Help awaken and restore the natural healing forces in your body, mind and spirit for your own wellbeing.


Visiting our therapy suite, located on the lower level of the Lodge through the fitness center, is a fabulous way to optimise your relaxation and improve your wellness while you’re staying with us, but it’s wise to book ahead.



10am-6pm daily.
After hours therapies are available by arrangement a $100 fee applies.



Yumi, our lead therapist, specialises in natural healing and has over 25 years of experience in holistic therapies and wellness practices. Having trained extensively in both Canada and her native Japan, she is incredibly passionate about your health and wellness. Yumi is joined by other expertly trained and experienced therapists. We will endeavour to cater to any specific requests, however it should be noted therapists are allocated based on availability.



Reservations in advance are essential, to make an appointment please contact Guest Services by dialling ‘0’ on your room phone or see them in the Office on the third floor.



Allow time to relax and enjoy your spa experience. Arriving 5 minutes prior to your appointment and turning off cell phones and their alarm functions are appreciated. Should no one be at the spa reception desk upon arrival, simply relax in the waiting area, a therapist will be with you shortly.



Cancellations within twelve hours of your appointment start time will incur a 50% charge.  If less than eight hours notice is received, full charges will apply.




Using the sacred, powerful and intuitive art to release tension in the body, deeply relax your mind and rejuvenate your spirit. The following types of therapeutic massage or combinations are available with a level of pressure tailored to you.

Soothing and calming massage, using organic massage oils and balms blended with pure essential oils. Excellent for tiredness, insomnia, anxiety, digestion, female health troubles and more.

Deep Tissue / Sports
Medium to deep pressure massage with some pressure points and stretch techniques. Releases muscle tension, eases pain and improves the mobility and balance of the body. Outstanding after exercise or a long walk.

Full body or localised area with special care and support given. Enjoyed in a comfortable position for the mother-to-be.



Embracing the ancient, holistic wisdom of reflexology, your therapist focuses on reflex points of the feet, corresponding to specific areas of the body. Applying comfortable pressure to those reflexes, reduces tension, pain and stress while improving circulation, eliminating toxins efficiently and promoting natural functions within the body. Amazing benefit for arthritis, migraines, back pains, anxiety and many other conditions.


Aromatheraputic Lymphatic Drainage

Revitalising full body lymphatic drainage with natural healing essential oils blended to your health condition. Improves circulation, reduces fluid retention, boosts immune system, assists recovery and prevents sickness.
Amazing anti-aging care, also excellent for tiredness, insomnia, anxiety, digestion, female health troubles, poor skin conditions and more. Great before and after surgical treatments.


Soothing Aromatic Foot Care

Immerse your feet into a warm, revitalising bath and scrub, followed by a soothing and hydrating foot mask and massage using natural essential oils blended to your preference. Relieves tired, swollen feet and legs quickly. Perfect after a long flight, walk or journey.


Hair & Scalp Aromatherapy

Deep relaxation for the head, body, mind and spirit. Neck and scalp massage incorporating natural healing essential oils blended with organic Argan oil, exclusively for your skin and hair condition. Hair, heavenly rejuvenated with an aromatic steam wrap.


Back Scrub & Aromatic Manuka Healing Wrap

Treat your back to a deepcleansing sea salt scrub followed by a warm healing Manuka honey wrap combined with essential oils blended exclusively for your skin, back and health conditions. Great for back pain and many other health and skin concerns. This brings you a wonderfully pleasant feeling.


Full Body Dry Exfoliation & Aromatic Wrap

Dry exfoliation improves lymphatic systems and reduces the appearance of cellulite. Blissfully followed by a warm body mask featuring natural healing essential oils, blended to suit your skin and health conditions. It’s a very detoxifying, nourishing and energizing body care.


Manuka Honey Intensive Healing Facial

New Zealand Active Manuka honey is world renowned for its amazing natural healing properties for nourishing, hydrating, rejuvenating, antiaging, anti-oxidant, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and more. It has a high concentration of natural vitamins and minerals which encourage your skin to regenerate and repair very quickly. Great results for dry, oily, eczema, sensitive, acne, sun-damaged, scarring and many other skin conditions. Safe and suitable for all skin types including pregnancy.

Experience our luxurious 100% organic Manuka honey healing mask on your face after a deep-cleansing and gentle honey exfoliation. Followed by a soothing face, neck and shoulder massage with Manuka honey butter. It will leave your skin soft and glowing.




Wellness, from Ancient times and now days, has been aiming to create the balance of body, mind and spirit to prevent sickness.

Introducing some simple and helpful holistic self-care techniques to improve your health and wellness to practice for a short time, a longer time, or instantly where it is convenient for you to do in your ordinary day life. This introductory level of self-care can be done on a chair, sofa, bed or floor with cushions or mattress. Ideal especially if you have found it hard to make time to exercise for a specific time and length of your daily life, to practice yoga or some fast exercises, or to be on some specific food diet.

The following self-cares are to be personalised depending on your needs, shared individually or combined with other self-care. It works well for stress relief, pain relief, detoxing, immune balancing, and improving the function of your body to heal and prevent many different health conditions. Suitable for all ages.

The maximum number of guests per appointment is two. It is a great opportunity for you and your partner, family member or friend to experience together. Please wear comfortable clothes to attend.


Tai Chi

It is a body motion art with soft, slow circular and well-balanced movements. It helps promote internal and vital energy (chi) flow, and improves the balance and flexibility of the body, and organ harmony gently. You will experience some gentle Tai Chi warm-up motions and short forms, and learn how to feel and flow your ‘Chi’ better. Excellent for heart conditions, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia and so on. It can be done on a chair if it is hard for you to stand on your feet for a long time.


Lymphatic Stretching

You will learn simple yet effective stretching techniques for your lymph to flow better. Great for infections, retention, cellulite, tightness, dullness, cold feet and hands, digestive imbalances, pains and aches, skin conditions, insomnia, asthma and many conditions. Many techniques can be performed on a chair and lying down on a mattress.



You will learn the fundamental reflexology points of feet and hands and how to approach them for self-healing care. It is helpful to promote the functions and circulations of the body, eliminate toxins, balance the immune system and reduce pain, aches, and tension in your body. Great self-care to heal yourself and your family members.


Zen Meditation & Deep Breathing

“Zazen” in Japanese, Zen Meditation is a sitting meditation with natural deep breathing. It is a simple and peaceful way of clearing the mind, finding calmness and insight in ourselves, and improving mindfulness naturally. It helps balance hormones and autonomic nervous system for better sleep, concentration, reducing anxiety and pain. You will experience some introductory ways of Zen Meditation focusing on deep breathing either on floor with a cushion, or a chair.



Massage ( Relaxation / Deep Tissues / Pregnancy )
50, 80 minutes / $255, $395

50 minutes / $255

Aromatheraputic Lymphatic Drainage
50, 80, 100 minutes / $255, $395, $495

Soothing Aromatic Foot Care
50 minutes / $275

Hair & Scalp Aromatherapy
50 minutes / $275

Back Scrub & Aromatic Manuka Healing Wrap
50 minutes / $285

Full Body Dry Exfoliation & Aromatic Wrap
80 minutes / $425

Manuka Honey Intensive Healing Facial
50 minutes / $275

Wellness Experiences
50 minutes / $255 ( per class / two guests maximum )


Zen of Relaxation
Soothing Foot Care / Aromatherapy Scalp Massage
1hr 20min / $425

Touch of Healing
Massage / Reflexology
1hr 20min / $395

Ultimate Synergy
Massage / Reflexology
1hr 40min / $495

Embraced by Honey
Back Scrub and Aromatic Manuka Honey Healing Wrap / Facial
1hr 20min / $425

Essential Harmony
Manuka Honey Healing Facial / Back Massage
1hr 20min / $415

Heavenly Bliss
Full Body Massage / Manuka Honey Healing Facial
1hr 40min / $520

Sense of Tranquility
Full Body Massage / Manuka Honey Healing Facial / Reflexology
2hrs 20min / $695

Blanket Bay Hide Away
Foot Bath / Body Dry Exfoliation & Aromatic Wrap / Manuka Honey Healing Facial / Massage
3hrs / $895


Any package can be customised especially for you.


Our concierge team are here to help with selecting your activities and organising your itinerary. If you are interested in finding out more about these experiences before your stay at Blanket Bay please contact us today.